Isaac Russell History

This is a paper I wrote for a history class at BYU taught by Dr. Rodney Bohac. The paper looks into the life of Isaac Russell, an early Mormon convert who  brought my Scott ancestors into the Mormon Church. Includes complete footnote references of source materials used.

Click here to open the MS Word file: Isaac Russell 2006

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  1. April Says:

    Hi James
    I really enjoyed reading your paper on the Scott’s . I’m a Scott and my 5th great grandfather is James Scott Jacob’s brother. I wonder if you had any information on James or the other sibling? Thank you for your hard work on writing the history on Jacob Scott . I didn’t know our ancestor came from Scotland . My grandfather always said we were from Ireland. I love learning about my family history. If you any information on James Scott I would love to learn more about him.

  2. James Scott Says:

    Hi April – unfortunately I have no information on James Scott, the brother of Jacob. I actually live in Ireland now and at some point will be doing research to try to get more information. It’s unclear how long the Scotts were in Ireland after they came from Scotland, but it’s almost positively the case – that area of Ireland was settled by Scots and the surname is definitely not Irish :)

  3. April Says:

    That’s cool you live in Ireland I hope to visit there someday. Thanks for responding. I will keep researching myself but I have enjoyed learning more from your research!!

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