Boxes done, Manure Inbound

WP_20140126_006 WP_20140126_009I finished the last box a couple of weeks ago, along with laying the last bark along the paths.

The spring manure arrived this last week, and I have been busy wheeling it up to the plot. Unfortunately the manure is dropped outside the garden walls some distance from me. I am wearing a nice path with my wheelbarrow to my plot, it is pretty obvious where the manure is all going! I won’t need nearly as much this year as last year when I was establishing the soil for the first time.



A friend from North Idaho asked me how I could be working in the garden this time of year. I had forgotten what it was like to live in a cold winter climate – in Idaho you couldn’t get into the garden until April or May because the ground was cold and frozen. Though I would gladly trade winter digging for a hot summer! Ireland doesn’t get cold but it doesn’t get warm either, which is a real challenge when trying hot weather crops that I’d be used to. Polytunnels are definitely in my future.

I spent about three hours at the plot today and the weather cycled through calm and sunny / gale and hailing a couple of times. One of the side effects was a spectacular rainbow which appeared to touch down right over the wall.


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