First Plantings

The weather finally dried out long enough for me to do some planting in the garden.

I am trying to restrain myself this year and not plant en masse, rather to plant a bit of each thing every weekend so that the garden crops over a longer period of time. So when I planted the broad beans I only put in 9 plants.

WP_20140301_003 WP_20140301_002

I am also experimenting with willow in my allotment. This may turn out to be a complete disaster, I’m not really sure. I do know I have always wanted to have a reliable source for willow rods to use in trellises. So I bought 100 Salix viminalis and planted about half of them in my allotment, at the end of the boxes. I am hoping to both harvest rods from them, as well as create some natural trellises and arbors. My fear is that they will suck up too much moisture and nutrients from theĀ annual beds. Time will tell.

WP_20140301_006 WP_20140301_007

My office is putting out coffee grounds for people to take home to their gardens, so I got a big bin full and spread them around my strawberries and blueberries. I’m excited to try out this new compost and see its results. I hear it also has anti-slug properties which would be welcome in any garden.

My daughters have been picking dandelions wherever they find them. A true sign that spring has arrived!


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